Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is another branch of Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful therapeutic modality that can address a wide range of conditions and diseases. It is safe when prescribed by licensed acupuncturists, based on comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. 


What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine utilizes naturally occurring leaves, twigs, seeds, minerals and bones. They can be made from

the whole plant or from parts of the plant such as the bark, fruit, stem, root or seed. You may think that using

roots and stems is an odd thing, but many Western pharmaceuticals are plant derived, then changed or altered

in a laboratory. For example, aspirin comes from the willow bark tree, the heart drug Digitalis comes from the

foxglove plant, and morphine is from the opium poppy. Chinese Medicine uses the herb in its natural state

along with other herbs, making it easy for the body to process, usually with no side effects.


A practitioner using herbal medicine is familiar with the Chinese pharmacopeia and the actions, indications and

cautions for each herb. All of these herbs are classified according to their energetic properties, functions, the

organs energetic pathways, and disharmonies for which they treat.


How do Chinese herbs work?


                                                                Medicinal herbs work synergistically with the human body to restore balance from within. Some                                                                 herbs tonify, or strengthen, physiological systems and organs-such as Ginseng (Ren Shen), while others                                                                 clear toxicity and heat- such as Dandelion (Pu Gong Ying). Some herbs move blood, such as Red Peony                                                                 (Chi Shao), while others help the patient to relax his/her nervous system by smoothing the flow of qi and                                                                 blood, such a Bupleurum (Chai Hu).


                                                                Herbs are combined to enhance each other’s actions and effect on the body, leading to a synergistic                                                                 formula. The combination increases the benefits of each herb, and balances the formula to ensure the                                                                 absence of side effects. Formulas are used to strengthen and nourish the body, unblock stagnation, and                                                                 address other imbalances that cause disease. Herbal medicine also helps to regulate the body between                                                                 acupuncture appointments.


Is Chinese Herbal Medicine safe?


Chinese herbal medicine is safe when prescribed by licensed acupuncturists, based on comprehensive traditional

Chinese medicine diagnosis. For centuries and across large populations herbal formulas have been prescribed to

adults, children, elderly as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Herbal medicine can be used to treat acute

ailments such as a cold or injury, as well as chronic ailments such as respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders,

migraines, insomnia and diabetes-just to name a few.

Herbal medicine actually balances out the body so it can return to homeostasis and function smoothly, so herbal

treatments are NOT something that you have to continue for long periods of time!!!


At Catalyst Family Health, we do not support or use any herbal products made from any endangered species or inhumanely collected from animal sources.


We only prescribe herbal concentrates, powders, pills and tinctures that have undergone thorough third party testing for guaranteed safety, purity and potency. We only use high quality herbs that have been thoroughly tested and regulated under GMP standards. GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Each batch of herbs has been thoroughly tested for heavy metals, pesticides and for correct herbal ID authenticity.